About Us

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My first experience with dogs in my life was when I was around 5 years old.  My parents took me to their friend’s home which had a Labrador Retriever.  I thought this dog was great and I was playing with it while my parents visited with their friends.  Next thing I knew I was sneezing, itchy and miserable, low and behold I have an allergy to dogs; actually a lot of animals.  I thought I would never in my life be able to have my own dog.  Fast forward to 2015 and my own children are talking about how much they would love to have a dog.  My son was allergy tested and found to have my same allergy to dogs. How was I going to make their dream of having a dog a reality.  Being a physician, I had talked with other families with similar circumstances about what dogs, if any, had worked for them. After lots of research and careful consideration, my husband and I discovered the Australian Labradoodle.  We decided to bite the bullet and get one.  This was one of the best decisions we have made.  These dogs are awesome.  They have a fun, playful nature and are fabulous with kids. Best of all, my son and I have had no trouble with our allergies.  The non-shedding, allergy friendly coat is the REAL DEAL.  That was it, I was in love.  These dogs have brought my family and I so much joy.  There is nothing better then coming home and knowing that they are waiting for you with unconditional love and excitement in their eyes.  The kids have so much fun playing fetch and chasing them around the yard.  I personally love our family strolls around the neighborhood with the dogs.  They are easy to train and eager to please.  All they want is your love and attention in return.  They are really and truly the perfect pets for our family.  Because of my love for this breed, I decided I wanted to breed them.  I want to see other families have the same love and joy brought into their life by these amazing animals.   The puppies are raised and socialized in our home in a loving, compassionate environment.  They are definitely spoiled, but they deserve it for all the happiness they bring my family.   We absolutely can’t wait to meet you to make you a part of our Monarch Labradoodle family.