Monarch Labradoodles Guardian Program

What's a Guardian Home?

Monarch Labradoodles wants to continue to properly develop the Australian Labradoodle breed. We want our breeding dogs to be properly socialized and to have a loving family environment to live in. We have found that Guardian Homes are the best way to accomplish this. Guardian Homes allows for local families to get the “pick of the litter” puppy that will be their forever dog while still participating in our breeding program. Monarch Labradoodles retain the breeding rights for a pre-agreed amount of time.  This way, our breeding dogs get to live with their families in forever homes getting all the love and attention they need and still participate in the future development of the breed.  As a Guardian home you are getting a puppy that has all the best qualities of the breed including health, structure, coat and temperament.


How Does the Guardian Home Work?

The Guardian home is available to families and individuals who live within an hour of Monarch Labradoodles.  For females, once we have all the breeding testing done and they have passed the tests they will go home with you until they come of age to breed. For those first 12-14 months you are just responsible for loving and socializing your puppy and making it an intricate part of your family.  Around 9-12 months of age the females will have their first heat cycle.  You will be asked to contact us when this occurs. The heat cycles usually lasts around 14-21 days and will typically occur every 6-8 months. We require you to let us know when your female goes into heat. When she is ready, she will come to us to breed (usually 1-2 weeks) and will then be returned to you until 1-2 weeks before her due date. We want her to feel comfortable in our home in anticipation of her puppies.  She will whelp her puppy’s with us and will stay here until her puppies are weaned from her (typically at 6-7 weeks of age).  Once the puppies are weaned your female will then be returned to you to love. The amount of litters your female will have will depend on the health and wellbeing of the female and her puppies. Their health is of utmost importance to us. Once the breeding contract is complete, your female will be spayed at our expense and full ownership will be transferred to the Guardian family.  For males, we will contact you prior to needing them back for mating.  Males will typically stay with us 1-2 weeks for this. All of these things will be assessed on a case by case basis. 


Benefits of being a Guardian Home

The Guardian family or individual gets the very best of what Monarch Labradoodles has to offer.  We have high quality breeding standards which means your puppy will be completely health tested, at our expense, for things like hips, elbows, eyes, prcd/PRA, vWD, patella, and DNA profiling. Some testing will need annual renewal, but they are done at our expense. Any medical costs related to the breeding, and any stud fee costs required to produce the litter are the sole responsibility of Monarch Labradoodles. The Guardian homes are responsible for routine maintenance and medical care, such as, but not limited to, grooming, feeding, vaccinations, and flea, tick and heartworm preventative, just as they would if they had a spayed/neutered family pet. You get a puppy with a great temperament, sound structure and confirmation and a beautiful coat.  Most importantly you get a puppy that will love you for the rest of their days.  A wonderful companion that has unconditional love for the people in its life!  You as a Guardian family or individual also get to witness your dog’s puppies brightening the lives of other families and individuals.




Things to consider before becoming a Guardian home

We need you to live within one hour of Monarch Labradoodles.  We do require the dogs come back to us for short visits so that they can get comfortable with us and our home to make their birthing experience comfortable. We may also need to get them for health testing, assessment and photos.  You will be required to send us monthly photos and update us on any and all vet visits. You must provide a safe environment for your dog.  It is best to have some kind of fencing around your yard or invisible fencing if possible or your dog must be taken outside on a leash.  If it is a male dog, he is not allowed to breed with any other females, other then who is chosen by Monarch Labradoodles. If you have other dogs in the home they must be spayed/neutered. You must notify the breeder immediately when your female begins her cycle. You must be willing to communicate and cooperate with all breeder requirements outlined in the contract. You must provide them with a high quality diet, routine veterinary care, exercise, socialization with dogs, kids and adults, and most importantly lots of love and attention.


If you think that being a Guardian home for one or more of our puppies would be a great fit for you, please email us.  We are very grateful for amazing families and individuals that provide wonderful caring and loving homes for our puppies.  Thank you for wanting to become part of the Monarch Labradoodle family.