How does it work:

In order to bring this little bundle of joy into your life, we require that you complete the puppy application along with a $500 non-refundable deposit. This $500 deposit will be applied to the purchase price of your puppy. Puppy selection will start when the litter is 6 weeks old. This allows us to get to know the puppies and to assist you in matching the puppy’s personality with that of its new owner. Puppies are selected in the order in which we receive the completed Reservation form with the deposit. Payment in full is due when puppies are 6 weeks old.  If you don’t see your right puppy in your litter when it comes your pick, you may roll your deposit over to the next available spot in another litter. Puppies will be ready to come home between 8-9 weeks old.

If you are not close enough to Monarch Labradoodles to come pick up your new family member, we can ship your puppy to you. We can ship puppies throughout the United States out of  Detroit Metro Airport for an additional shipping fee of $500. This fee includes a crate for your puppy for the flight, a health certification to fly from a licensed vet, transport to the airport, and a flight with minimum transfers and less wait time. Another option is that you can fly into Detroit (DTW) airport to bring your new puppy home as a carry on. This option has no additional fee. It is a fun experience for you and your puppy and great time to cuddle and bond. We enjoy meeting all our new Monarch Labradoodle families in person & answering all your questions. Another option is to have your puppy travel with a puppy nanny. This person will take your puppy on the plane with them and travel to your destination of choice where you will meet your new best friend at the airport.

All Monarch Labradoodle puppies will come home at 8 weeks with:

  • A vet check up before going home, & will be up-to-date on all vaccinations

  • A health record of your puppy

  • Each puppy will be microchipped to uniquely identify your puppy

  • A 2 year health guarantee against genetic problems that would alter the quality of your pets life

  • A blanket with mama's scent

  • A sample of the food the puppy has been fed

  • A toy

  • New puppy information



*Monarch labradoodles reserves the right to select a puppy or two from every litter for our breeding program or to sell to other breeders. These puppies will be chosen first as we may be looking for certain confirmation, temperament, color, markings, size, etc.

Deposits, Purchasing and Shipping Procedures

Monarch Labradoodles will stand behind ALL of our puppies and want you to be in LOVE with your new addition to the family. 

As your breeder, we are committed to being available for any questions or concerns you may have throughout the development of your amazing new puppy. 


Puppy for family addition: $3000.00

Breeder Puppy: Contact us. We are also happy to help new breeders get their start.